Q: Why the name Shut up, Nobody Cares?
A: This came about because we wanted our show and podcast to have a name that represented the idea that this isn’t a place to come and brag about being better than anyone else. We want people to be honest, and open about their journey, but we don’t want to hear anyone come up to have their ego stroked. Think of it as a reminder to check your ego at the door.

Q: Why a show and a live podcast together?
A: We originally started a podcast a long while ago, that became hard to keep up with, even though it was a lot of fun. So the enjoyment from that, and the fascination of other cities being home to many storytelling and live podcast shows sparked the determination to do this. We wanted to bring all those other influences to create something unique to Toronto, that was our own.

Q: How often to do you want to do this?
A: When we first thought about this idea, we had in mind to eventually reach a point where we could host one every month. That might take some time to make that possible, for now after the first one, within the next couple months if we could organize another one that would be ideal.

Q: How are you going to choose storytellers/creatives to get involved?
A: The internet. Everyone is on social media to some capacity and we’re confident we can track down anyone we need to. We want people to be involved that will share many different perspectives so people can come and listen to a variety of experiences. It’s also important that we find a way for creatives to express their story however they feel more comfortable. Since not everyone will want to speak, that’s one reason why we’re so open to the multi-media component and it will allow for even more voices to be heard.

Q: Are you going to make a conscious effort to include Women and P.O.C?
A: 100% yes! That is in the forefront of our mind in our planning. Women have a hard time as it being heard, so although it won’t be exclusive to only them, we definitely feel it’s essential to remember to be super inclusive to them and anyone else who fits along the minority spectrum i.e LGBTQ. If through our shows and podcasts, we can help uplift people who feel out of place or held back for these reasons that would be amazing.